Fullcast Podcast Episode 81

Bryan gives an update on the podcast. What will it become in the months ahead?


Show notes:

The Roundtable Podcast 72

Drabblecast 357 – Trifecta: Embarrassing Personal Problems

The Audio Drama Production Podcast

Hunter’s Unlucky by Abigail Hilton


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Fullcast Podcast Episode 80

Bryan talks to Peter Gruenbaum about his experiences putting together a local group of actors to make his first audio drama, called The Sting of the Dark Tower.


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Coiled Stories

Fullcast Podcast Episode 79

Bryan and Abbie continue talking about their future business plans as story tellers and audio producers.


Fullcast Podcast Episode 78

Bryan and Abbie talk about their future business plans as story tellers and audio producers.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 77

Bryan updates his future audio drama plans, then we play the Live Fullcast Podcast panel from Balticon 48 (2014) with Nobilis Reed as the guest. Topics include selling through apps and managing satellite voice actors.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 76

Bryan and Abbie talk at length about their long term audio plans.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 75

Bryan and Abbie talk with Christian and Jess of The Once and Future Nerd audio drama. (also see their Patreon Page)

Fullcast Podcast Episode 74

A recording of a Balticon 48 panel (2014) about Satellite recording.  On the panel were Bryan Lincoln (moderator), Laura Nicole, J. Daniel Sawyer, Chris Snelgrove, and Chris Lester.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 73

Bryan moderated a panel at Baticon 48 (2014) on the subject of Full Cast Vs Straight Read.  On the panel were:


Abigail Hilton

Starla Huchton

J. Daniel Sawyer


Sound quality is a bit variable. A few of the audience questions are not very audible, but it is still a nice conversation on the topic.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 72

Nobilis Reed was kind enough to share a recording of the Sound Effects Panel at Balticon 48 (2014). Neither Bryan nor Abbie were present but we are happy to share it!


Show Notes:

Hidden Harbor Release Party recordings:

Part 1 (cast reveal)

Part 2 (crowd effects recording)

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