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Fullcast Podcast Episode 55

Brayn talks with Kenn Crawford, author of the Podiobook Dead Hunt and host of PodioRookie, about the use of music in stories, EQ as your primary tool, and dealing with criticism.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 44

Bryan and Abbie talk to Alex White of The Gearheart.

Show Notes:
The Gearheart

Disasterpiece Theatre

Charlie Blanchard

Selected Shorts

Symphony Space

Awesome Up Your Podcast or Audio Recording – Simple Techniques of

Want to start a podcast, audio play, or recording of yourself reading
your work? And make it sound as incredible as you know it can be?
The Post-Meridian Radio Players are offering this free class to teach
you the best techniques for improving the quality of your recordings
and adding a little audio magic, like special effects and cleaner

The class will briefly cover the process of recording, and focus on
post-production. Soon, you too will be turning a cat’s cough into an
interdimensional portal, or bringing out the richness of your own

The class will discuss editing with Audacity, a free software tool, and Reaper, a low-cost software solution with more advanced features.

Instructors include:
– Bryan Lincoln is a voice actor and producer for a number of shows,
including his own FullCast Podcast,
a Parsec-Award winner. He has also produced stories for The Dunesteef
Audio Fiction Magazine and HG World (a zombie audio drama), and is
currently producing a full cast production of a novel.
– Brad Smith is a prolific voice actor and musician who edited and
produced the Parsec-Award nominated Second Shift podcast.

It is optional to bring a laptop with you.

DATE: Saturday, June 30
TIME: 1-5 PM
PLACE: Unity Church of Somerville
6 William Street Somerville, MA 02144

Donations welcomed, not required.


Fullcast Podcast Episode 34

Building an action scene with James Durham, part 1: Brainstorming Voice Effects. Bryan and James talk about Reaper, voice modulation options, and finding music (and musicians). This is part one of a series that will go through the development of an action scene from Malcontent.


Show Notes:




Commissioned Comic


CD Baby


Fullcast Podcast Episode 26

Part 2 of Bryan and Abbie’s interview of P.C. Haring, author and Producer of Cybrosis.  Topics include, music, sound effects, and production choices that can allow you to offer an upfront, complete, paid version alongside a slow release free version of a full cast audiobook.

Quick Plug – Free Sound Source

I wanted to pop onto the blog to let you know about another source of free royalty free music and sound effects.  All producers are looking for these kind of resources, so I put a permanent link on the sidebar.  Check it out!

JewelBeat Royalty Free Music

Fullcast Podcast Episode 14

Bryan and Abbie talk with James Durham, author/producer of FETIDUS, about his podcasting journey, producing music for a fullcast story, and the merits of a number of production options for both music and podcast mixing.

Show notes:





Pro Tools

Abelton Live

Garage Band

Bryan also mentioned HG World.

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