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Fullcast Podcast Episode 35

Bryan and Abbie talk to Obsidian Abnormal about the life of an artist, cover art for novels and audiobooks, and commissioning art.


Show Notes:


“Fighting Dragons” Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Devaint Art

Commissioned Comic

Hello With Cheese





New Artwork

Here’s a new piece of art for the Malcontent story.  Hope you enjoy!  The artist is Obsidian Abnormal from Commissioned Comic.  You should check him out!

Bryan’s Story Update 1

The Fullcast Podcast is an educational podcast about making full cast audio stories.  While Abbie has an active (and wonderful!) full length story in The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Bryan’ full length story needs to be completed and polished before it will be cast and produced.  The 1st draft is almost done (28 of about 32 chapters are finished) after which edits will begin.  We’ll talk about this process on the show, I’m sure.

The reason for this post is to proudly present the first artwork for this story.  While Bryan likely won’t commission as many pieces of art as Abbie does for Cowry Catchers, this probably won’t be the last.  The artist for this piece is Obsidian Abnormal, and his webcomic can be found at Commissioned Comic.  Once a year, he does a marathon of one piece of art a day for several weeks.  Yes, this was done in a single day! Here’s the making-of video.  Hopefully this glimpse will get people excited for Bryan’s story!

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