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Fullcast Podcast Episode 82

The All You Have is Audio panel from Balticon 49 (2015), moderated by Christiana Ellis.



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Fullcast Podcast Episode 72

Nobilis Reed was kind enough to share a recording of the Sound Effects Panel at Balticon 48 (2014). Neither Bryan nor Abbie were present but we are happy to share it!


Show Notes:

Hidden Harbor Release Party recordings:

Part 1 (cast reveal)

Part 2 (crowd effects recording)

Fullcast Podcast Episode 40

Bryan talks about the making of The Ever Dreaming Verdict of Plagues by Jason Sanford, his 11th production for The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. Topics include some voice acting tips, using EQ to help with room tone, Anteres Mutator as a tool, and using music in an action heavy scene.


Show notes:

Veronica Belmont

Paul Kuhr

Fullcast Podcast Episode 34

Building an action scene with James Durham, part 1: Brainstorming Voice Effects. Bryan and James talk about Reaper, voice modulation options, and finding music (and musicians). This is part one of a series that will go through the development of an action scene from Malcontent.


Show Notes:




Commissioned Comic


CD Baby


Fullcast Podcast Episode 30

Bryan talks to Michael Stokes of HG World about working in Reaper.


Show Notes:

Reaper Site

HG World

Scott Pigg’s Video Thread





Fullcast Podcast Episode 26

Part 2 of Bryan and Abbie’s interview of P.C. Haring, author and Producer of Cybrosis.  Topics include, music, sound effects, and production choices that can allow you to offer an upfront, complete, paid version alongside a slow release free version of a full cast audiobook.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 23

Bryan goes through the production steps for Spider Hunt by Kenneth Yu, his latest Dunesteef production,  including tips for editing the voices together, approaching sound effects, and choosing music.

Quick Plug – Free Sound Source

I wanted to pop onto the blog to let you know about another source of free royalty free music and sound effects.  All producers are looking for these kind of resources, so I put a permanent link on the sidebar.  Check it out!

JewelBeat Royalty Free Music

Fullcast Podcast Episode 18

Bryan discusses some voice effects in his latest Dunesteef Production, Plague Birds by Jason Sanford.

A promo for Plague Birds can be downloaded HERE.  (Right click and “save target as” to grab it) Feel free to play it in your own podcast!

Fullcast Podcast Episode 16

Scott Pigg teaches some of the tricks and methods for collecting your own sound effects, and Abbie talks about her recent successes with paid side content for a free story.

Show notes:

Bryan and Scott recently interviewed Melissa Cowan of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Scott Sigler’s Contageous is given as an example where paid and free options exist for the same story.

Scribe of The Pendragon Variety Podcast recently read a story for Escape Pod, called Kachikachi Yama.

Scott will return for episode 17!

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