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Fullcast Podcast Episode 84

Bryan demonstrates some vocal effects (Convolution reverb!) before playing a panel recording from Baticon 49, entitled “Beyond Creative Commons”.

Show notes:

Claustrofobia(sic) impulses

Fullcast Podcast Episode 83

Bryan talks about the development of an “inner voice” vocal effect for an upcoming audio drama.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 65

Bryan gives one producer’s plan for 2014 (there’s a lot!) and then gives podcast friendly audio examples of EQ and reverb from a panel at New Media Expo. Then he demonstrates the ability of Izotope RX3 to fix clipping in a live recording.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 53

Bryan talks about the making of A Riddle In Nine Syllables by Carrie Vaughn, which appeared in The Drabblecast #275. Discussion covers the importance of casting and the creative use of reverb. The audio examples should help an aspiring producer learn how they can turn clean, flat recordings into a finished sound.


Show Notes:

Obsidian’s Web Comic

Obsidian’s Art

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Bryan is @Wolfshade on twitter.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 47

Bryan and Abbie talk to Will Bowles and Josh Flaum of Written By a Kid on the Geek & Sundry Channel about producing a video series and working with kids.

Be sure to check out their show, and be sure to subscribe if you find it as hilarious as we do.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 40

Bryan talks about the making of The Ever Dreaming Verdict of Plagues by Jason Sanford, his 11th production for The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. Topics include some voice acting tips, using EQ to help with room tone, Anteres Mutator as a tool, and using music in an action heavy scene.


Show notes:

Veronica Belmont

Paul Kuhr

Fullcast Podcast Episode 34

Building an action scene with James Durham, part 1: Brainstorming Voice Effects. Bryan and James talk about Reaper, voice modulation options, and finding music (and musicians). This is part one of a series that will go through the development of an action scene from Malcontent.


Show Notes:




Commissioned Comic


CD Baby


Fullcast Podcast Episode 31

Bryan talks about his production of Dark Detour by Lance Young for The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, showing the progression of a scene through various edit passes.  Special topics include dialogue tags and dealing with plosives.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 28

Bryan talks about some specific voice challenges ahead for the production of “Malcontent”, and gives examples based on some initial ideas. Find the Voices page HERE.

The youtube video  about growling and pronunciation can be seen in it’s entirety:

How to Growl and Pronounce Words

Fullcast Podcast Episode 23

Bryan goes through the production steps for Spider Hunt by Kenneth Yu, his latest Dunesteef production,  including tips for editing the voices together, approaching sound effects, and choosing music.

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