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Fullcast Podcast Episode 62

Bryan and Abbie talk about Abbie’s experience at World Con and their plans for NMX in January. ¬†Lots of Audio Drama discussion occurs as well. Congrats to Renee Chambliss and The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine for winning a Parsec Award this year!


Show notes:

Consider buying/reading Exorcising Aaron Nguyen by Lauren Harris.

All of Bryan’s projects can be found at Bryan Lincoln Productions.

Check out Abbie’s new Guild of The Cowry Catchers cover.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 48

Bryan and Abbie talk about Dragon Con 2012 and monetizing full cast. They also answer a production question from Nobilis.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 32

Bryan and Abbie talk about winning a Parsec Award, the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), and Dragon*Con, and then share the sample submitted to the parsec award judges for the Fullcast Podcast.


Show Notes:


Dragon*con 2011 Cosplay Video







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