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Fullcast Podcast Episode 27

Bryan and Abbie talk to J. Daniel Sawyer, author of The Antithesis Progression, about writing, contracts for voice actors to allow for a paid version, and the wall of sound.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 3

In the continuation of our discussion with J. Daniel Sawyer , a question about a recent blog post spawns a conversation about the business side of podcasting, including the creation of an industry association with resources that all full cast producers would find valuable.  Even those not looking to monetize their creative endeavors should consider adopting certain legal habits in an ever growing community of podcast novelists.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 2

Bryan and Abbie talk with special guest J. Daniel Sawyer about working with voice actors.  This episode is heavily geared toward the production end of making full cast audiobooks.

Mentioned in Show:

Billibub Baddings by Tee Morris

First chapter of Soulless by Gail Carriger (Directed by J.Daniel Sawyer)

Free Programs used by J Daniel Sawyer:

Audacity for rough edits and cleanup – Mac or PC

Ardour for assembly – Mac or Linux

Book suggestion for learning audio theory: Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Transfer large files through Skype if you don’t have your own ftp server.

Theme music by Hungry Lucy

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