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Fullcast Podcast Episode 35

Bryan and Abbie talk to Obsidian Abnormal about the life of an artist, cover art for novels and audiobooks, and commissioning art.


Show Notes:


“Fighting Dragons” Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Devaint Art

Commissioned Comic

Hello With Cheese





Fullcast Podcast Episode 27

Bryan and Abbie talk to J. Daniel Sawyer, author of The Antithesis Progression, about writing, contracts for voice actors to allow for a paid version, and the wall of sound.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 21

Bryan and Abbie talk with Nathan Lowell  about voice acting, narrating other people’s work, building an audience, and e-book publishing.

Show notes:

Nathan’s Voice Work


The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan

Brand Gamblin


Quarter Share

Fullcast Podcast Episode 8

In a continuation from Episode 7, Bryan, Abbie, Christof, Nobi, and John talk about using paypal, writing for audio, and working with voice actors.

Show notes:

Paypal has a micropayment option.

Tunecore is one of several options for selling content in the itunes store.

Scott Sigler is a good example of someone selling their own content successfully (via Dark Overlord Media).

Theme music is by Hungry Lucy.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 7

Bryan and  Abbie discuss a wide range of topics, from production to casting to marketing with Christof Laputka (author,producer) and Nobi Nakanishi (director) of The Leviathan Chronicles.  John Lincoln (from The Iocaine Project podcast) joins the discussion about directing voice actors.

Some links to things mentioned within the show:


Murder at Avedon Hill by PG Holyfield 

Metamor City by Chris Lester

The Heavenfield by IG Hume

Theme music is by Hungry Lucy.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 3

In the continuation of our discussion with J. Daniel Sawyer , a question about a recent blog post spawns a conversation about the business side of podcasting, including the creation of an industry association with resources that all full cast producers would find valuable.  Even those not looking to monetize their creative endeavors should consider adopting certain legal habits in an ever growing community of podcast novelists.

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