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Fullcast Podcast Episode 12

Bryan and Abbie continue their conversation with Justin Macumber of the Dead Robots Society, including a discussion about voice actors and scheduling deadlines.


The Prisoner of Nanowrimo by Craig Robertson

Giant Gnome Productions

Theme Music is by Hungry Lucy.

Fullcast Podcast Feedback 2

Bryan and Abbie respond to feedback sent in by Rik O’Neill of Nova Star Hunters.  The I Should Be Writing episode that Abbie refers to can be found HERE.

Look for the second half of our Justin Macumber interview to drop next week.  Thanks for listening!

Fullcast Podcast Episode 11

Bryan and Abbie talk to Justin Macumber of the Dead Robots Society about the production of short form full cast stories.

Show notes:

Adobe Audition (if you use Adobe Audition 3 you might want to read THIS).

Blue Snowball Microphone.

Zoom H2 Microphone.

Digital Juice for royalty free music and sound effects.

Incompetech for music.

Magnatune for music.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 10

Bryan and Abbie talk about writing endings and planning for editing a novel.


Nova Star Hunters

Star Trek: Outpost

Theme music by Hungry Lucy.

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