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Fullcast Podcast Episode 14

Bryan and Abbie talk with James Durham, author/producer of FETIDUS, about his podcasting journey, producing music for a fullcast story, and the merits of a number of production options for both music and podcast mixing.

Show notes:





Pro Tools

Abelton Live

Garage Band

Bryan also mentioned HG World.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 13

Zombies!  In a departure from our usual format, Bryan goes step by step through the building of a detailed zombie-filled background using free sound effects.  The work was done with Adobe Audition 3, though many of the principles can be universally applied.  The scene will appears in the Dunesteef story found here: Chemo: The Condemned

show notes:

The Freesound Project for free sound effects.

Building the Pod is a great podcast about working with Adobe Audition.

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