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Fullcast Podcast Episode 20

Abbie talks about e-books, while Bryan discusses Skype vs Mumble, and introduces a “Voices” page to the new look website.

New Free Recording Method

As an alternative to skype, Mumble is a free open source voice chat software.  It is intended for gaming, but is a potential podcasting tool as well.  Version 1.2.3 just came out with recording capabilities, and my initial tests were very positive.  There’s even an option to record each voice as a seperate wave file (while my skype recordings have always been limited to myself in one channel and the rest of the call in another).

New Theme

ACK!  Upgrading the theme to a later version overwrote all the image work that had been done when this site was initially designed.  Rather than trying to redraw everything, Bryan took this as an opportunity to try out something a little new (based on the same base theme).  Expect the site to change in appearance here and there, and don’t expect the green to stay forever….it is a nod to the novel Bryan is working on.  This podcast in primarily intended for a general audience interested in audio production, something that isn’t clear at a glance like it was before.

HG World Afterparty

Bryan occasionally mentions HG World on Fullcast, but he also produces their Afterparty show, which consists of roundtable discussions about the show as well as interviews (usually zombie related)  and other fun content.   Here’s a link to the HG World feed:

HG World Afterparty 

At the very least, you should check out the awesome rendition of “Still Alive” at the beginning.

Quick Plug – Free Sound Source

I wanted to pop onto the blog to let you know about another source of free royalty free music and sound effects.  All producers are looking for these kind of resources, so I put a permanent link on the sidebar.  Check it out!

JewelBeat Royalty Free Music

Fullcast Podcast Episode 19

Bryan and Abbie talk to Rish and Big of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine about scheduling releases, narrating advice, and naming characters.

Show Notes:

Rish appeared on Podcastle.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 18

Bryan discusses some voice effects in his latest Dunesteef Production, Plague Birds by Jason Sanford.

A promo for Plague Birds can be downloaded HERE.  (Right click and “save target as” to grab it) Feel free to play it in your own podcast!

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