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Fullcast Podcast Episode 33

Bryan and Abbie talk with Renee Chambliss about producers pacing their narration correctly, the challenges of full cast productions, and general advice for solid voice acting and narration. Some of the challenges and choices facing “Malcontent” were also discussed.

Dreaming of Deliverance (Buy the book) (Listen for Free)



Click here for a List of Renee’s Voice Appearances





Fullcast Podcast Episode 32

Bryan and Abbie talk about winning a Parsec Award, the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), and Dragon*Con, and then share the sample submitted to the parsec award judges for the Fullcast Podcast.


Show Notes:


Dragon*con 2011 Cosplay Video







Casting Call

See the Voices Page for the casting call for the full cast production of “Malcontent”, Bryan’s first novel.

2011 Parsec Award Winner

Bryan and Abbie are pleased to announce that the Fullcast Podcast won the Parsec Award for the category of  “Best Podcast about Speculative Fiction Content Creation”.

Fullcast Podcast Acceptance Speech





Fullcast Podcast Episode 31

Bryan talks about his production of Dark Detour by Lance Young for The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, showing the progression of a scene through various edit passes.  Special topics include dialogue tags and dealing with plosives.

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