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Fullcast Podcast Episode 57

Bryan talks about making  “The Templar” for The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. Topics include line selection and the use of a delay as a vocal effect.


The song played at the end is Waiting by Freaky Clean.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 56

After giving updates on their currently busy lives, Bryan and Abbie talk with John Mierau from to talk about his Kickstarter for a second book in his Walk the Fire shared world. Proceeds would support numerous talented authors, including Mur Lafferty, Paul Levinson, Philippa Ballantine, Harry Connolly, JRD Skinner, Steve Umstead, Matt Iden, and WJ Davies.  The discussion also covered multiple book and audiobook selling ideas and strategies, including what does and doesn’t work, and what we hope to see in the future.



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