The Fullcast Podcast is about the production of full cast audio books, with an emphasis on creative commons.  Topics will include world building, writing, editing, casting roles, recording techniques, voice acting, audio production, sound effects, music options, distribution, finding an audience, and dealing with feedback.  Fullcast will be released every other week and may include guests.

Many full cast audio books are accompanied by feedback shows, where listeners can get a behind the scenes look at production.  This show delivers that kind of discussion on a regular schedule.  We approach the process from both ends.  In addition to our experienced guests, Abbie Hilton is the author of Guild of the Cowry Catchers, a full cast audio book currently under a release schedule and under active production.  Bryan Lincoln is a scientist and an aspiring author well into the first draft of his own novel.  While he has produced several short stories as full cast audio productions for the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, this podcast will parallel his learning process as he develops his own full cast audio book project from concept to completion.