This was the formal casting call for the novel Malcontent by Bryan Lincoln.

The deadline occurred at midnight eastern time the morning of November 30, 2011

Final casting has been made for most roles, but some small parts will be cast later in the production cycle. I will leave up the audition request details for now. Eventually this will be removed.

Requirements for audition submission:

* Recording quality is important!
* Please record at a moderate sound level and eliminate as much background noise as possible.
* Please record in MONO 44100hz 24-bit (preferred, 16-bit minimum) WAV or MP3 (128kbps)
* Please submit all lines listed with the character audition.
* All recordings should be saved as: “A_(Role Name)_(Line Number)_(ActorName).MP3/WAV
* All e-mails should be titled “Audition for Malcontent” and sent

Contact me if there is an issue with attachment and you need an alternative method of submission.

The plan is as follows: This story will be produced in full prior to release. This will take time, as it consists of 33 chapters typically 20-30 minutes long. When release does occur, it will be a free serialized audiobook. It will also be made available for purchase in its entirety upon launch for those who want to support it or do not want to wait for the rest. This requires that the voice actors have contracts so they can be paid (the contract would be more specific, but the idea is for 25% to go to the cast, split by relative word count). I cannot promise any amount of money, as it would scale with sales. This is something of an experiment within our community. I cannot cast someone who does not agree with the contract because I cannot sell something without paying the talent.

Most characters in this story are Reptilian. They should not have a strong regional accent as they are all from a remote tribe and would not have ranging dialects. Normal voice or a slight growl are suggested. Be sure to be able to act well in the chosen voice. There are a few bit parts not listed here that will also be cast. Do your best pronouncing names. Correct pronunciation will be addressed later. Winning auditions may be played on the Fullcast Podcast. While hearing losing auditions may be instructive, I’m sure most people who submit would not appreciate them being heard, so I will not go there. During production, there will be how-to episodes appearing on the Fullcast Podcast with examples from the story’s production, which could include any voices. Please only submit an audition if you are comfortable with this.

Male roles:

Karth – Aging male, part of the Inner Circle. Something of a puppetmaster when it comes to politics. Well meaning, fatherly voice preferred.

Karth_1: (Spoken to a group) “We must be free. We also must not kill our own except in very specific and extreme cases, and under the full judgment of the Inner Circle of the Night Tongue. This must be remembered, for we are not a flourishing tribe as we once were, and every life is a vital part of our very survival. Remember, you cut away a vile growth in order to heal strong and unblemished, but if you cut away too much, it will never grow back. Use caution in all things, my fellow leaders.”

Karth_2: (reluctantly sending someone on a task) “But first you must be fed, and if you are too hurt to do this, you must tell me. Doroth will see that you eat. Did you bring clothes like I asked?”

Karth_3: (frustrated) “Syek, where are we going? We can’t walk like this all the way back to Sekathia. Our torches will run out if our strength does not first.”

Syek – Expedition leader tasked with exploring the wild jungles. Middle aged (not super young, not super old). Something of a storyteller. Not afraid to be blunt.

Syek_1: (defensive) “Do not threaten my work, youngling. It is above you.”

Syek_2: (storytelling) “We live in a tiny corner of a large land surrounded by water. We do not settle inland because any who have tried have failed to survive in the jungle for long. It is a dangerous place, as you can imagine by the number of friends I lose whenever I make an expedition. Those reptiles are the true sacrifice, I might add. We have often had to travel farther than anticipated, and we have faced many difficult choices. You may not believe me, but I cursed Xavath’s name with each of their deaths, though I knew it wasn’t him I should be blaming. He was following instruction just as I was, and just as you should.”

Syek_3: (with remorse and conviction) “We are not looking for survivors. We are looking for supplies for our journey.”


Kithifth – adult male. Confident. Conflicted. Capable of learning from mistakes. Does questionable things for personal gain, yet can be incredibly selfless. This character is in some ways a hero of the story, and in some ways the villain.

Kithifth_1: (flirtatious) “I could be even more for you, if you would like.”

Kithifth_2: (mumbling to himself): “They concern themselves so much with history. Well, while they prance about in wild places, poking around for old things, I am here mired in blood and revenge. They had better hurry, or they will be very surprised by all that has changed.”

Kithifth_3: (livid) “You’re saying we should run and abandon our city and everything we’ve worked for? Everything our lineage has worked for? Just give it up?”


Doroth – large, strong adult male. Should sound like a warrior.

Doroth_1: (sympathetic) “It was very wrong, what was done to you. You are brave.”

Doroth_2: (reporting to superior) “We met them walking along the beach shortly after we dealt with the deserters. While I did not see where they came from, I can say with certainty that I do not know their companions.”

Doroth_3: (ordering others) “You four remain outside in case they return. The rest come in with me. Keep your tongues firmly planted in your jaws. This will not taste nice.”


Sorin – Fat, scholarly adult male. Must be able to ‘squeal with excitement’

Sorin_1: (excited) “That is fascinating! You should write about him. May I peruse his archives sometime?”

Sorin_2 (introduction) “I am a scholar. A student, if you will. An observer.”

Sorin_3: (teaching) “When a writer writes about something, we the readers can learn what the words are directly telling us. But an intelligent reader can pull more information out of those words. How things are said can tell you about the writers; their moods, their motivations. This is sometimes more interesting, even more informative, than the subject being written about.”


Vorcyth – Warrior type. Experienced older male. Intimidating.

Vorcyth_1: (Confident) “When you build an army, I would like to lead it.”

Vorcyth_2: (Conversational) “It would take a great deal of bloodwine to get me to tell that story. I do not doubt you have interesting stories of your own. You were officially made my equal, and I had never heard of you.”

Vorcyth_3: (Convincing) “It does not matter what they think. An army wields more power than a circle of wise ones.”


Dragons – Few spoken lines, but some vocal sound effects. Need a deep, growling voice.

Dragons_1: (fearless) “Who are you?”

Dragons_2: enraged roar


Tassick: Reanimated leader – gutteral voice

Tassick_1: (Mocking) “Spoken with the optimism of the living.”

Tassick_2: (Offended) “But you are not their equal.”

Tassick_3: (Amused) “A diplomat who cannot speak? How apt for such an ineffectual tribe.”


OB: Confident, Safe, Inquiring, Whispering Voice , can be male or female


OB_1: “Your logic is at fault. There is no greater good, only varied opinions of what is good.”

OB_2: “What is the goal of this council?”

OB_3: “I am someone who went through great pains to create something, only to see it fail.”



Female roles:


Misth – Young female. Intelligent. Resilient, Needs to be able to laugh and cry and scream.

Misth_1: (sad) “He was always so kind to me. He was more intelligent than anyone else I had ever met, and yet he listened to me with all of his attention when I had something to say.”

Misth_2: (afraid) “Something came here last night. I don’t know what it was.”

Misth_3: (with pity, explanatory) “You think they are spirits? I have seen one. They are flesh and fear and…hair.”


Oogrith – Motherly and brutish, a fighter, must sing a short lullaby-type song

Oogrith_1: (laughing) “I didn’t realize you were so squeamish around the dead.”

Oogrith_2: (commanding) “Give me your javelin.”

Oogrith_3: (firm advice) “Do not let your anger imagine action or intent that you have not witnessed.”


Triss – Thin, small female, strong headed (small part)

Triss_1: (annoyed) “What is there to think about?”

Triss_2: (insistent) “I could go,”

Triss_3: Scream of agony


Insthitt – Confident, Intelligent

Insthitt_1: (talking down) “Blind fear serves no purpose. You are here to tell us what you know, Syek, not to lecture us about our choices. You stand before the Inner Circle, not among us.”

Insthitt_2: (contemplative) “I wonder why they would store goods in such a remote place. It isn’t like a road leads up here.”

Insthitt_3: (hurried, ordering) “Make a line! You two, get him to the other shore. Don’t let him drown you idiots! Form up on the other side. We are not continuing without Karth.”


Yissik – rebellious, naive

Yissik_1: (excited) “You have seen one of the flat faces? It showed itself to you? A martyr and a prophet!”

Yissik_2: (defiant) “You think that you suffer, you with your rich dwellings, meeting grounds, and bathhouses. Look at the throne behind you, by the sun! It is a symbol of reptilian death. You’re not the one dying of starvation. Sekathia is falling apart.”

Yissik_3: (distraught over someone’s choice, said with fear and love) “I thought you were smarter than this.”




Eyiss – Healer, neutral affiliation, full of knowledge

Eyiss_1: (familiar) “I hope you’ll remember that the next time. Maybe you’ll dodge a blow for once in your life.”

Eyiss_2: (smiling, then contemplative) “Heard us, did you? I would love to get my claws on more skulls so I can be truly convinced, but I think you may be right.”

Eyiss_3: (funny) “Considering the last female who gave you her attention stabbed you in your head, you might want to be more respectful,”


Grienne – Reads the header for all 33 chapters. Appears as a character as well, but only speaks unintelligibly within the story. This is the only voice that can have any accent. We will need to either invent a simple language or come up with some other means of producing non-silly gibberish.

Grienne_1: They emulate our form, but to excess; arms, fingers, necks slightly overstretched. Massive heads reminiscent of mythical dragons. Carnivores. Thinkers. Reptilian eyes that pierce your very being.

Grienne_2: The Sekathian family is a fleeting thing. One day the parent is violently protective, and the next the child is abandoned for the new breeding cycle.

Grienne_3: The jungle is filled with sound. The reptilian city sits in the one corner of the land where it is lessened, as if one’s head is underwater, muffling the cacophony. To wander from it alone means certain death.


Pinsith- gutteral female voice (small but important part)

Pinsith_1: “We are not mindless. We seek vengeance for those we have lost.”

Pinsith_2: (realization) “You are not a prisoner.”

Pinsith_3: (disbelieving) “What could have possibly…”