Fullcast Podcast Feedback 2

Bryan and Abbie respond to feedback sent in by Rik O’Neill of Nova Star Hunters.  The I Should Be Writing episode that Abbie refers to can be found HERE.

Look for the second half of our Justin Macumber interview to drop next week.  Thanks for listening!

Fullcast Podcast Episode 11

Bryan and Abbie talk to Justin Macumber of the Dead Robots Society about the production of short form full cast stories.

Show notes:

Adobe Audition (if you use Adobe Audition 3 you might want to read THIS).

Blue Snowball Microphone.

Zoom H2 Microphone.

Digital Juice for royalty free music and sound effects.

Incompetech for music.

Magnatune for music.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 10

Bryan and Abbie talk about writing endings and planning for editing a novel.


Nova Star Hunters

Star Trek: Outpost

Theme music by Hungry Lucy.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 9

Bryan and Abbie talk to Chris Lester, author and producer of the Metamor City Podcast about balancing life with art.

Show notes:

The Brain Science Podcast

Scott Roche’s Archangel

Paulette Jaxton’s The Empress Sword

Digital Juice  for Royalty Free music and sound effects.

Bryan’s Story Update 1

The Fullcast Podcast is an educational podcast about making full cast audio stories.  While Abbie has an active (and wonderful!) full length story in The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Bryan’ full length story needs to be completed and polished before it will be cast and produced.  The 1st draft is almost done (28 of about 32 chapters are finished) after which edits will begin.  We’ll talk about this process on the show, I’m sure.

The reason for this post is to proudly present the first artwork for this story.  While Bryan likely won’t commission as many pieces of art as Abbie does for Cowry Catchers, this probably won’t be the last.  The artist for this piece is Obsidian Abnormal, and his webcomic can be found at Commissioned Comic.  Once a year, he does a marathon of one piece of art a day for several weeks.  Yes, this was done in a single day! Here’s the making-of video.  Hopefully this glimpse will get people excited for Bryan’s story!

Fullcast Podcast Episode 8

In a continuation from Episode 7, Bryan, Abbie, Christof, Nobi, and John talk about using paypal, writing for audio, and working with voice actors.

Show notes:

Paypal has a micropayment option.

Tunecore is one of several options for selling content in the itunes store.

Scott Sigler is a good example of someone selling their own content successfully (via Dark Overlord Media).

Theme music is by Hungry Lucy.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 7

Bryan and  Abbie discuss a wide range of topics, from production to casting to marketing with Christof Laputka (author,producer) and Nobi Nakanishi (director) of The Leviathan Chronicles.  John Lincoln (from The Iocaine Project podcast) joins the discussion about directing voice actors.

Some links to things mentioned within the show:


Murder at Avedon Hill by PG Holyfield 

Metamor City by Chris Lester

The Heavenfield by IG Hume

Theme music is by Hungry Lucy.

Fullcast Podcast Promo 1

If you would like to help promote the Fullcast Podcast, feel free to play our promo in your own show.

Fullcast Podcast Promo #1  (Just right click and “save target as” to download it)

Also, if you have any questions you’d like to see discussed, feel free to e-mail us (either a text question or an attached mp3 that we could play in the show) at the address on our contact page.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 6

In the second half of an interview with Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich of The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, we discuss getting involved in the podcasting community.  Some show notes:

We’ve been recording with the MP3 Skype Recorder since Episode 4.

Go to Audio Drama Talk to find a variety of audio drama podcasts.

Consider the Podiobooks Community when looking for eager voices.

For those new to The Dunesteef, a good starting point would be their reading of A Place So Foreign by Cory Doctorow.

Finally, Bryan spoke at length about the “wall of sound”.  He was talking primarily about the use of separate frequency ranges for overlapping sounds in order to avoid having them mask eachother, allowing them to both be loud and concurrently audible.  Historically, the “wall of sound” involves simultaneous playing of the same sounds on multiple instruments, which is sort of the opposite.  We’ll just have to have Dan on again sometime to clarify its use in audio fiction.

The theme music is by Hungry Lucy.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 5

Bryan and Abbie talk with Big Anklevich and Rish Outfield of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine about what kind of stories work well in audio.  To find the specific stories Bryan has done for them, see his bio.  The Parsec Awards are briefly discussed, as well as some of the benefits of working with multiple tracks during production.  As an extreme example, here’s one of Bryan’s favorite videos, a demonstration of Pro Tools, produced by Devin Townsend.

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