Fullcast Podcast Episode 30

Bryan talks to Michael Stokes of HG World about working in Reaper.


Show Notes:

Reaper Site

HG World

Scott Pigg’s Video Thread





Fullcast Podcast Episode 29

Bryan and Abbie talk with Norm Sherman, producer and narrator for The Drabblecast about full cast productions and voice acting.


Show notes:


Spider Hunt (Dunesteef)




Fullcast Podcast Episode 28

Bryan talks about some specific voice challenges ahead for the production of “Malcontent”, and gives examples based on some initial ideas. Find the Voices page HERE.

The youtube video  about growling and pronunciation can be seen in it’s entirety:

How to Growl and Pronounce Words

Fullcast Podcast Episode 27

Bryan and Abbie talk to J. Daniel Sawyer, author of The Antithesis Progression, about writing, contracts for voice actors to allow for a paid version, and the wall of sound.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 26

Part 2 of Bryan and Abbie’s interview of P.C. Haring, author and Producer of Cybrosis.  Topics include, music, sound effects, and production choices that can allow you to offer an upfront, complete, paid version alongside a slow release free version of a full cast audiobook.

Fullcast Pocast Episode 25

Bryan and Abbie discuss full cast audiobook production with P.C. Haring, the author and producer of Cybrosis.  This is part one of a two-part interview.

New Artwork

Here’s a new piece of art for the Malcontent story.  Hope you enjoy!  The artist is Obsidian Abnormal from Commissioned Comic.  You should check him out!

Fullcast Pocast Episode 24

Bryan and Abbie discuss the first chapter of Malcontent, Bryan’s novel that will be produced full cast.  A version prior to Abbie’s comments can be read here.  The discussion includes writing advice, production advice, and ideas for compensating voice actors.

Fullcast Podcast Update May 2011

We’re skipping an episode release due to scheduling, but Bryan points the listeners to some other content of interest:

A KC Wayland Interview (part 1) for HG World Behind the Screams and Googies Part 1, both from HG World.

My Epic Heals: Bryan’s new World of Warcraft healing podcast.

The Parsec Awards.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 23

Bryan goes through the production steps for Spider Hunt by Kenneth Yu, his latest Dunesteef production,  including tips for editing the voices together, approaching sound effects, and choosing music.

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