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I wanted to pop onto the blog to let you know about another source of free royalty free music and sound effects.  All producers are looking for these kind of resources, so I put a permanent link on the sidebar.  Check it out!

JewelBeat Royalty Free Music

Fullcast Podcast Episode 19

Bryan and Abbie talk to Rish and Big of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine about scheduling releases, narrating advice, and naming characters.

Show Notes:

Rish appeared on Podcastle.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 18

Bryan discusses some voice effects in his latest Dunesteef Production, Plague Birds by Jason Sanford.

A promo for Plague Birds can be downloaded HERE.  (Right click and “save target as” to grab it) Feel free to play it in your own podcast!

Bryan’s Story Update 2

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Between moving and holidays, Bryan has not released anything via podcast in about a month.  Despite this, a ton of story and audio work has been done behind the scenes, including an upgrade to the mic setup Abbie talks about in Episode 15.  The final chapter of Bryan’s novel was trashed and fully re-written, and he is deep in the edits now.  A few facts about the story:

  • Over 20 characters will need to be voiced
  • 32 chapters, each ranging from about 2,000-6,000 words (average 3,360 per)
  • 155 scenes
  • Currently 107,500 words (and growing as edits are worked in)
  • A second piece of art has been commissioned, and should be coming soon!

Expect to hear more about the kind of work being done to prepare for a large scale production like this.  The next Fullcast Podcast will be primarily about the making of Bryan’s latest Dunesteef story, including specific voice effects with audio examples.  It is a wonderful (long!) story and should be well worth the wait.

2011 will be a busy and productive year.  We look forward to sharing it with our awesome and supportive audience!

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us at: 

contact (at) fullcastpodcast (dot) com

Fullcast Podcast Episode 17

Scott Pigg returns to talk to Bryan and Abbie about NaNoWriMo, life as a soldier in Iraq,  and the early stages of a full cast production.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 16

Scott Pigg teaches some of the tricks and methods for collecting your own sound effects, and Abbie talks about her recent successes with paid side content for a free story.

Show notes:

Bryan and Scott recently interviewed Melissa Cowan of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Scott Sigler’s Contageous is given as an example where paid and free options exist for the same story.

Scribe of The Pendragon Variety Podcast recently read a story for Escape Pod, called Kachikachi Yama.

Scott will return for episode 17!

Fullcast Podcast Episode 15

Bryan and Abbie give updates on their full cast projects and answer a few feedback questions: Abbie’s new microphone, hearing back from auditions, and a few podiobook fullcast suggestions.

Show notes:

Bryan’s latest Dunesteef story is out:  Chemo: The Condemned.

Professionals by Abigail Hilton

Abbie uses a Rode Microphone (Rode NT1A) and a Presonus preamp (PreSonus Tubepre Single-Channel Vacuum Tube Mic Pre) along with her Samson Zoom H2.

Bryan interviewed Kevin David Anderson on the HG World podcast.

Bryan will appear on Star Trek: Outpost.

Some Full Cast Podiobooks:

The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book I Embers by Abigail Hilton

Murder at Avedon Hill by PG Holyfield

Theater of the Midnight Sun by Michael McGee

Cybrosis by PC Haring

Dead Hunt by Kenn Crawford

Fullcast Podcast Episode 14

Bryan and Abbie talk with James Durham, author/producer of FETIDUS, about his podcasting journey, producing music for a fullcast story, and the merits of a number of production options for both music and podcast mixing.

Show notes:





Pro Tools

Abelton Live

Garage Band

Bryan also mentioned HG World.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 13

Zombies!  In a departure from our usual format, Bryan goes step by step through the building of a detailed zombie-filled background using free sound effects.  The work was done with Adobe Audition 3, though many of the principles can be universally applied.  The scene will appears in the Dunesteef story found here: Chemo: The Condemned

show notes:

The Freesound Project for free sound effects.

Building the Pod is a great podcast about working with Adobe Audition.

Fullcast Podcast Episode 12

Bryan and Abbie continue their conversation with Justin Macumber of the Dead Robots Society, including a discussion about voice actors and scheduling deadlines.


The Prisoner of Nanowrimo by Craig Robertson

Giant Gnome Productions

Theme Music is by Hungry Lucy.

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